Link attributes, title and target


I give that a title attribute as well, and for the title attribute, I’m gonna be very descriptive here, I’m gonna type in “Visit”.

target (is it bad usability?)

What if you wanted it to open up the external page in a new tab? Well, to do that, you use another attribute called target. So, towards the end of the link, after the title, I’m gonna type in target= and for this target, I’m gonna do “_blank” .

the _blank target basically tells the browser, “Hey, I want this link opened up “in a new window or a new tab,” whatever the preference is set inside that browser.

Now, I’ve read a lot of tutorials and opinions online where people are like, “Oh, this is bad usability, “Don’t do this,” that discourage people from using _blank. But there are plenty of legitimate use cases for wanting a page to open up in a new window or a new tab, so it’s really important that you understand that functionality and how to do it.



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